About Region 8

– Greater St. Louis, Kansas City, Iowa, North Iowa, Missouri Greater Ozark, Nebraska

Region 8 was formed more than 40 years ago to provide for several necessary functional things.  Each region president is on the International Board of Trustees, which is like a board of directors of any large corporation.  As a board member, he or she votes on business which comes before the board.  The board meets in July, January, and June in a fiscal year.

A second responsibility of a region president is to listen to those members in that region, much like a congress person or a senator would do.  The region president is the go-between the unit member and the International leadership.  The region president has two vice presidents for assistance.  Let’s not forget the importance of their first mates.  The job could not be done well without their help.

Another responsibility of a region officer is to travel to the individual units, attend their rallies, join their luncheons,  and get to know them at least once a year. In Region 8, the Region officers install the Unit officers. Installation is a short ceremony where all watch and listen.

The six Units of Region 8 frequently go on various caravans.  One of these caravans usually goes to the International Rally.  A caravan is a way to get to know one another and to be together going somewhere.

Each year there is a Rally hosted by the Region 8 president and first mate.  All members and non-members with Airstreams are invited.  Normally, there are about 100 Airstreams attending a Region 8 Rally.

Region 8 Rally Information and Registration

We hope to meet you somewhere down the road. If you are reading this and are not an Airstreamer, please either contact one of us (see the Officers page). We will be happy to talk to you.

Region 8 Unit Locations (click on map for more information)
Region 8 Units

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